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This plugin is a light wrapper around the Slack API. In its basic form, it can be used to call any API method and be expected to return a dict of the JSON reply.

The optional RTM connection allows you to create a persistent websocket connection, from which you can read events just like an official Slack client. This allows you to respond to events in real time without polling and send messages without making a full HTTPS request.

See python-rtmbot for an active project utilizing this library.



git clone https://github.com/slackhq/python-slackclient.git
pip install -r requirements.txt


See examples in docs/examples

Note: You must obtain a token for the user/bot. You can find or generate these at the Slack API page.

Basic API methods

from slackclient import SlackClient

token = "xoxp-28192348123947234198234"      # found at https://api.slack.com/web#authentication
sc = SlackClient(token)
print sc.api_call("api.test")
print sc.api_call("channels.info", channel="1234567890")
print sc.api_call(
        "chat.postMessage", channel="#general", text="Hello from Python! :tada:",
        username='pybot', icon_emoji=':robot_face:'

Real Time Messaging

import time
from slackclient import SlackClient

token = "xoxp-28192348123947234198234"# found at https://api.slack.com/web#authentication
sc = SlackClient(token)
if sc.rtm_connect():
        while True:
                print sc.rtm_read()
print "Connection Failed, invalid token?"

Objects & Methods

The basic proxy-model for accessing most of the API and RTM functionality
object owns the websocket and all nested channel information.

SlackClient.server.channels A searchable list of all known channels within the parent server. Call print (sc instance) to see the entire list.

Methods Description
SlackClient.server.channels.find([identifier]) The identifier can be either name or Slack channel ID. See above for examples.
SlackClient.server.channels[int].send_message([text]) Send message [text] to [int] channel in the channels list.
SlackClient.server.channels.find([identifier]).send_message([text]) Send message [text] to channel [identifier], which can be either channel name or ID. Ex “#general” or “C182391”


Submitting a Pull Request

Please feel free to sent us pull requests or issues that you’d like to see included in the python-slackclient!

We ask that you include any appropriate tests or documentation in the pull request and try to follow good commit message hygiene in your commit message and PR commentary.

Building Documentation

To build this documentation:

pip install -r requirements-dev.txt -r requirements.txt
cd docs
make html

Once it’s built, there will be a file at /docs/_build/html/index.html that you can open in your browser to see the docs.

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